Helping musician's make their mark in the world!​

Marketing your band or event is tricky business. Impact Kreative can help!


With T-Shirts, posters, full coloured and numbered tickets as well as CD design and printing. We take the mystery out promoting you so you can get back to what you do best. Making and performing the music you love.

CD covers | Designed by Impact Kreative in Orangeville
CD Covers and Sleeves

There's just something special about opening up your favorite band's new CD and flipping through their artwork, lyrics and liner notes that creates a sense of connection. Give your fans that sense of connection with professionally designed and produced CD covers, sleeves and inserts.

Band Posters | Designed by Impact Kreative in Orangeville
Band Posters

Every band needs merchandise to fill their merch table in order to generate capital to promote their next event or album. One of the most cost effective merchandising products are band posters.

Ticket design | Designed by Impact Kreative in Orangeville

Give your events a professional image. At Impact Kreative, we can produce full colour, numbered and perforated tickets for your event.

T shirt designs and printing | Designed and printed by Impact Kreative in Orangeville
Band T-Shirts

Your fans want to show you off to their friends! Give them the opportunity by creating branded T-shirts for them to buy & support you! At Impact Kreative we have the ability to produce very high quality full colour silk screened t-shirts. Let us help you make the impact you are looking for!