Monthly Newsletters​

One of our most popular products is our Monthly Newsletter program.


This program was originally designed for the Real Estate market but lends itself well to any vertical market. This program is designed to aid you in establishing yourself or your company as the expert in your field for your specific farming area. We will work with you to design your newsletter in order to match or create your branding & design a custom template that represents you.


We can customize the inside of the newsletter with general interest articles, puzzles or a new recipe every month to keep your newsletter in your potential client's hands for a much longer time than the typical admail your client usually receives.


We can also take care of all of the submission & setup of the unaddressed admail for you as well as delivery to Canada post.


Ask us about creating an ONLINE version for you complete with e-blast!

Newsletter designed for Rashida Dhalla - North York, Ontario
Newsletter designed for Karen Migotto and Russel Hutchings - Oakville, Ontario
Newsletter designed for Josh Reso and Terri Wannamaker - Orangeville, Ontario
Newsletter designed for Rob Kelly - Mississauga, Ontario
Newsletter designed for Chad and Lucy Bradley - Toronto, Ontario
Newsletter designed for the Politis Brienza Team - Toronto, Ontario
Newsletter designed for Andrea Thomas - Orangeville, Ontario
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Monthly newsletter Commonside 3
Monthly newsletter Commonside 2
Monthly newsletter Commonside 1